Buisness Ventures of ABSLBuisness Ventures of ABSL

Pre-fabricated Steel Building:

Abiding Building Systems Ltd. has its large venture in civil construction and pre fabricated steel structure. It has its own fully equipped fabrication factory in Teghoria Road, South Keranigonj. ABSL runs its factory with highly skilled engineers and BOC certified workers. All the raw materials for the production of the building are imported from Japan, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and some other countries. ABSL has its capacity to fabricate more than 200MT of raw material per month. It is fully aware of its capacity and emphasize on the timely handover of the projects. We have already completed many turnkey projects including spinning, knitting, dyeing, garments factory and warehouses. Our projects area ranges from 2,000 to 2, 00,000sft. Costumers’ almost satisfaction and high quality work with best quality material available and reasonable price with timely completion is the prime concern of the company